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Home is the Key  1

Home is the Key - Tiny Home Project 2018


April is Habitat for Humanity’s month to shine a light on the need for affordable housing in our community and engage people to learn more about Habitat’s work, get involved, and donate to our mission.

We don't often acknowledge the significance of the house keys jingling in our pockets - that what's behind the doors unlocked by those keys reveals our opportunities in life. For many families hovering on the cusp of a better life, a chance to build and buy a home can open the door to a new and more stable future.

Through our Home is the Key – Tiny Home Project, and our partnership on an upcoming YouthBuild Program, we’ll teach valuable construction skills to at-risk youth while they build a Tiny Home.

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108 Margie McCullogh in the shower
105 Jack Black & Martha Giglio Black, Melissa Pierce and Cooper Hyland
104 At the Lowes station are Anna Pahota, AnnMaria Tighe and Cameron Aguilera
102 Clayon & Angela Hayle
101 Erin Guinnup and Angela Hayle
99 Stone & Capobianco  Vivian & Jerome Stone, Angie Russell and Pat Bobrow
98 DonnaLea Askman and Greg Mancini
96 Lowes SLW Wendy Velez and Lowes Jensen Beach Ryan Briggs
94 Rosemarie Felton, Steven Chery, Jaxson and Lisa Saccoccio
93 Bill & Linda Andrews
92 Jamie Holsten and Ryan Steele
91 Dr. Sam Rutland, Board Pres. with Marie Pyne
90 Bob Calhoun and Doug Miller
89 Auctioneer Leonard Wheeley, Melissa Winstead and Edwin Franklin
87 Marty Doyle spins the 92.7 WAVE prize wheel
85 Lowes' kids projects
84 Carol Doyle, Angela Hayle, Dr. Pamela Welmon and Marty Doyle
80 Calandra Riggins and Luke Lewis
76 Vol. Sue Patrick with Stacy & Adam Smith
79 Roselle Gordon, Cris Adams and Terrence Williams
119 Angela Hayle and Patricia Garcia King
114 Auctioneer Leonard Wheeley
113 Auctioneer Leonard Wheeley
112 Lindsey Concannon, Angela Hayle and Melissa Winstead
111 Joan Goldson
140 Jeannie Angelico and ReStore Director Will McLaughlin
139 Leonard Wheeley and 50 50 winner Parrish Nichols
135 Doug Miller SLB&T with his bid number
136 Leonard Wheeley and Melissa Winstead
148 Doug Miller receives the house key from Bob Calhoun
48 Laura Roder bids
42 Vol Bob Edmiston, DonnaLea Askman and John Bosely
42 Vol Bob Edmiston, DonnaLea Askman and John Bosely
40 Amtrust Bank  Christine Marinuzzi
40 Amtrust Bank  Christine Marinuzzi
39 Amtrust Bank  Christine Marinuzzi
38 TAMCO  Shaun Cates and Jeffery Sandbrook
35 Stone & Capobianco Attorneys  Jerome and Summer Stone and Angie Russell
34 ACCH Insurance Agency  Elaine Hayle
32 Keller Williams St Lucie Diana Jijon Fadul and Patricia Garcia King
31 Just Shutter It= Parrish Nichols and Sal Vascellaro
29 Christine Marinuzzi, Patricia Garcia King and Tenaya Gray
27 Building Fort Pierce  Steven Chery, Edwin Franklin, Evans Edmond, Brittany Taylor, Darren Angel and Project Director IRSC Youth Build Shannon Wood
26 Edwin Franklin, Evans Edmond and Brittany Taylor
23 Tiny House Committee Tenaya Gray, Christine Marinuzzi, Patricia Garcia King, Milissa Winstead, Angela Hayle, Exec. Dir. Bob Calhoun
24 Dorothy Calabrese adn Sal Perla
22 ACCH Ins. Agency  Angela and Elaine Hayle with Eulalee Fraser
21 92.7 WAVE Reed Surdovel and Eric Hunter
20 Restore employee Richard Cashwell
20 Restore employee Richard Cashwell   Copy
19 Vols. Chantay Lacaze and Kervans Joseph
18 Vol. Chantay Lacaze
17 Fun at the Lowes table
15 Game of Thrones
16 Emma & Anthony Moorhead with Benjamin, Mackenzie and Jack throwing the bean bag
14 Habitat's Brittany Taylor, Lowes' employees, Jessica Lango, Ryan Briggs, Lucy McTeaggart and Amanda Levasseur
13 Game of Thrones
12 Angie Russell and Angela Hayle
10 Lindsey Concannon and Michelle Franklin
11 Angela Hayle and Michelle Franklin
9 Amand Levasseur, Lowes SLW
8 Lindsey Concannon and Doug Miller
7 Steven Chery, Building Fort Pierce in the shower
6 Steven Chery, Building Fort Pierce in the shower
4 loft
5 other loft
3 Terrence Williams and Darren Angel of Building Fort Pierce

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