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The Devalon Family

"Before participating in the Habitat for Humanity program I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with my daughter, my sister and her son. The area is unsafe, infected with drugs, sometimes adolescences burglarize the neighborhood apartments. In addition to the unfriendly neighbors that is always playing loud music, urging and fighting throughout the night. Taking in consideration that this environment can influence my daughter’s life, I knew that it was time for a change.

When I had found out about the Habitat program I was not fully educated about the program, but I was determined to become aware of the benefits of the program and its qualifications. I did some research and spoke to others about the program that is when I come to the realization that it would not hurt me to apply for the program.

After being approved for the program, part of moving into the house requires sweat equity hours and completing 6 others classes, I had called on some friends and family, who came on board and help me. Through it all, I thank God for allowing me to accomplish my goals and I also would like to thank Habitat for Humanity and their partner Publix for giving me this opportunity to be the first in my family to own a home.

Coming from a large family of 10 siblings and migrated to the United States at a young age had prepared me to become the women that I am today. At the age of 22, I had my beautiful daughter and six month later I found myself struggling as a single mother and working extra hours to make ends meet. I would not have been able to balance work and caring for my daughter without the help of my siblings. My younger siblings would babysit my daughter while I attended school and work; which I will forever be grateful for. Nevertheless, after working endless hours I came to an understanding that I will need to get my education in order to succeed. At the time, my place of employment did not provide enough income to sustain my household expenses. Having knowledge of my struggles I went to register at Indian River College and start taking courses. I was hopeful that life will get better and determined to make changes to have a better future.

I had applied for Habitat program eager for the chance to become a homeowner. Although I did not have confidence that I would be selected, nonetheless, I did the application and I got my required documentations ready within two weeks.
Prior to turning in my paperwork I had talked to my pastor about the program and he stated that he will pray for me. I finally turned in the application along with all required documentations and within a few weeks I received a called from Donna Lea Askman who stated I have been selected to be a Habitat homebuyer."

-Lourdia Devalon, St. Lucie Habitat Homeowner

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